USA Sugar Mummy Needs a Young Guy

Karen wants a young guy she can take care of.

Want to go on a date with Karen, USA Sugar Mummy?

I am Karen. I am from Houston, USA. I am honest, caring down to earth lady that is looking for someone that can appreciate who I am, as strict as everything may be. I need a man that can compel my drive, not one that would try to remake who I am. Either we are compatible or we are not, I am able to take it so far you have the qualities I require. If you are that man you can expect nothing but the best from me in return.

I own my own company, I run my own empire, I do not need your money or sweat for anything, in the future you may have not to be with me, so I want the best from you when we meet, okay?.

My best feature is always smiling even while strict, I also love my hair, yes my hair is cool when touched, I am 5′ 10″ (178 cm) tall, I have a place where we can always use that if you are close to me here in the USA, but if you are anywhere in Africa we can always book a place closed to you.

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